Let our Tanning Professionals help you find your perfect shade. Whether you want that dark, golden look or a light sun-kissed glow, Year Round Brown has a customized plan for you.

No matter what level you choose, Year Round Brown has bigger, more luxurious Sunbeds at a price that canโ€™t be beat!

We offer four premium levels of tanning that range from our relaxing 15-minute sunbeds to our advanced bronzing sunbeds which include luxury features like face and shoulder tanners, leg color boosters, adjustable lamps, and adjustable body fans to keep you perfectly comfortable.

Level 2: Basic Tan

A budget friendly option that offers an oversized design and faster tan than most standard beds.

  • 2x faster than standard bed
  • Stimulates melanin production
  • Up to 15-minute exposure schedules
  • Depending on your skin type it takes 8-12 visits to build a base tan and 3-4 visits per week to maintain your tan

Level 3: Quick Tan Enhancing

Level 3 is the most popular tanning level! Level 3 Sunbeds and Sunbooths darken your base tan for deeper, more gorgeous color.

  • 4x faster than standard bed
  • Save time! Darker tanning results in half the time!
  • Features facial lamps to help tan your face and a body fan to keep you cool
  • Larger, more spacious sunbeds
  • 6-8 sessions to build a base tan and 1-2 visits per week to maintain your tan
  • 10-12 minute exposure schedules

Level 4: Rapid Bronzing

Level 4 is the most luxurious tanning level. Level 4 offers rapid bronzing results with a deep Caribbean color.

  • 6x faster than standard bed
  • Maximum bronzing, long-term tan
  • 12-minute exposure schedules
  • Maintain your tan with only 1-3 sessions per month
  • Additional options body fan, adjustable lamps, and contoured acrylic for a luxurious experience

Make It a Cocktail

For INSTANT darker, bronzing results, try a combination of a sunbed tan and a spray tan to produce a deeper, longer-lasting tan.

Learn how cocktail tanning helps produce a deeper, longer-lasting tan.