Our Employees

Today, Year Round Brown provides over 90 jobs in South Dakota. We have a proud history of being a stable small business that continues to grow and create jobs in the community. Not only does Year Round Brown strive to create stable full time positions, but we also pride ourselves in hiring the best part time employees available.

Many of our part time employees are in college working on their degree or are loyal customers looking to get involved. We not only want to be a financial stepping stone for our part time team members, but also a place that educates them on the business principles required to succeed further in their careers. Helping our employees grow builds stronger citizens, and in return, a better community. Our working environment is one of the top reasons our employees choose to work for us.

Working in a Year Round Brown salon is not only fun because of the upscale atmosphere, but also because of all of our customers! Our staff gets to engage with many wonderful customers and has the opportunity to help them achieve the tanning results they desire.